Interview with István Varga
Second quarter of Sportjog journal has just been released
The whole article is written by Gábor Paksi
The whole article written by Gábor Paksi, attorney at law, partner at PROVARIS
Áron Bagdi and Gábor Paksi have made a memorandum for the actors of catering industry
Géza Tényi, Ádám Liber and Áron Bagdi have made a summarizing memorandum
Áron Bagdi and Gábor Paksi PROVARIS partner attorney-at-laws have made an entire overview of the labour regulations
Attila Vincze’s article on the deficiencies of the European legal and institutional system in dealing with the coronavirus hazard.
Gábor Paksi’s lecture on green public procurement at Eötvös Loránd University.
Ádám Liber lectures on data processing by lawyers at the Budapest Bar.
Gábor Paksi’s lecture on green public procurement at the National Public Procurement Meeting in Eger.
Lecture of István Varga on the civil liability of arbitrators at the Central European Colloquium of Civil Law Notaries.
Lecture series of Mary E. Bartkus on the wordwide history of the Vioxx® product liability litigation.
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